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Please look at some of our more FAQs below.

  • Can I visit before my pets stay?
    Of course, we don’t expect you to book with us, without a visit. It is understandable that you wish to see where your dog/cat may be staying. Visit first, then decide.
  • Do you need to meet my pet before his/her stay?
    No not necessarily. We have a questionnaire, which we require to be filled in before your dog/cat’s stay, which will provide what we need to know. But it is entirely up to you if you would like to bring your pet for a visit before hand.
  • What are the daily charges?
    Our daily rate is €15.00 per dog per day, with you supply their own food. However we can provide food for your dog, but there will be an additional charge.
    €12 per cat. We will supply all the dried food, but you will need to bring any wet food if required.
    Our prices will increase to €18 over Christmas, New Year and Easter.
    For cats the price will still be €12
  • What, if any, vaccinations are required?
    The core/primo vaccination, with yearly boosters. Proof of up to date boosters required . We also require all flea, tick and worming treatment to be up to date, before you dogs stay.
  • Do I need to bring my own dogs bedding?
    Yes preferably, although not necessary. But it is nice for your dog/cat to have his own home scent around.
  • Will you be able to administer medication?
    Yes, we just need written instructions for when and how.
  • Can someone other than myself drop off and/or collect my dog/cat?
    Yes, but we need prior notification, and a confirmed drop off and/or collection time.