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Here, at Doggy Moggy Holidays, we provide hydrotherapy services for dogs and cats, but, I can hear you asking the question, what is Hydrotherapy for Dogs and how can it help my dog?

OK, let’s start from  the beginning.

What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs?

Hydrotherapy for Dogs is a form of low impact physiotherapy. In Greek the word hydrotherapy means “Water Healing”.

Hydrotherapy For Dogs & Cats

Hydrotherapy for Dogs can be used for:

  • General fitness
  • Hydrotherapy for dog will help with weight loss
  • After an injury
  • Hydrotherapy for Dog will aid with medical conditions i.e. arthritis

Hydrotherapy uses water to enable an animal to move or exercise its muscles and joints whilst its body weight is supported. It is particularly useful if animals are sore or lame when trying to walk.

Lame animals lose muscle so Hydrotherapy for Dogs is an easy, affordable way to help your dogs regain their muscle.

What are the benefits of Hydrotherapy for Dog and when should it be used?

  • Hydrotherapy for dog Increase general exercise
  • Hydrotherapy for dog can aid in weight loss, working along side a healthy diet
  • Post operatively after orthopaedic surgery e.g. Cruciate ligament
  • Hydrotherapy for dog can help with elbow or hip dysplasia, especially in young dogs
  • Arthritis/ stiffness or old age
  • Lameness
  • It helps improve stamina in show and racing dogs
  • DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)

What are fun swims?

At Doggy Moggy Holidays besides our hydrotherapy for dogs sessions we also do fun swims.

Fun swims are exactly what they say, fun sessions were the hydrotherapist and the patient have fun in the pool whether this is playing with toys or chasing each other around the pool.

Its great exercise too, recent research shows that a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a 5 mile run..

Do you know someone who suffers from Arthritis and has physiotherapy?

Is your dog becoming stiff or suffering from arthritis? Why not bring your dog to do Hydrotherapy, I’m sure your pet will be thankful.

Animals with arthritis have very swollen and painful joints. Walking and Exercise becomes very uncomfortable for them and they may also find it difficult to get back up after lying down for long periods of time.

Most animals gain weight as they are much less active, putting even more pressure on their joints this is where hydrotherapy for dog helps with this problem.

When animals have Hydrotherapy the water supports the weight of their body so that they are able to move and exercise their joints easily. The warm water also helps reduce some of the swelling in the joints. The increased exercise makes joint movement easier, helps regain fitness and can help them to lose weight they may have gained.

How is the Hydrotherapy for Dogs pool different to taking my dog swimming in the lake or at the seaside?

Firstly the pool is at a controlled warm temperature of around 30°c. This helps to aid blood circulation whereas sea and lakes are colder so reduce this.

Swimming in the sea and lakes can also cause gastroenteritis, skin problems (dermatitis), eye problems, ear problems as well as the possibility of your pet getting into difficulties whilst swimming.

The Hydrotherapy for Dog pool is a controlled environment. As well as your pet wearing a life jacket throughout, there is also a nurse in the pool with them the entire time so if any difficulties are encountered then there is somebody that can help.

During the hydrotherapy for dog session the water is tested on a regular basis to ensure your animals safety.

Do you want to find out more?

Here at Doggy Moggy Holidays we can provide Hydrotherapy For Dogs Treatment. You can find out more about our service on our Hydrotherapy page.

We can care for your dog at our home, where our aim is for your dogs stay with us to be stress free and enjoyable. From 1 day to several weeks.

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